Coed Varsity Drama · SSHS Drama presents…Blood Wedding

Blood Wedding

Two families in rural Spain are intricately bound in an unbreakable cycle of murder and revenge.  The death-bound love triangle at the center of the play fuels these passions to a fever pitch and propels the story to its unstoppable tragic conclusion.  An arranged country marriage between the children of rich landowners is about to occur.  A past lover, himself in a loveless marriage, cannot allow the wedding to take place. . .

The maid (Anna West) helps the bride (Zoe Brown) get ready…
The groom’s mother (Rayna Pollard) and father of the bride (Zac Crandall) make arrangements as the groom (Isaac Harry) listens anxiously. Not to give anything away, but a play titled “Blood Wedding” is not likely to have a happy ending.
The wedding guests arrive….



So who invited the ex-boyfriend? Leonardo, played by Jackson Dean, making trouble….