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Multiple Teams · Straw Bales and Grassy Trails

Everyone on South Summit’s Cross Country team was very grateful for our third meet of the season, the Westlake High School Grass Relays. The course was fun and pretty interesting, being our only race of the year to have straw bales to jump over. The racers made two one-mile laps, the bales coming up multiple times as small hurdles. It was amazing to watch how fast some runners could bound over them as if they weren’t even there!

Braxton hits the first bale


Jillian jumps bale
Jillian jumps bale
Katelyn bounds the bales

South Summit had eleven participants in all, including seven boys and 4 girls. The only freshman boy was Zach Bryan, who did great, especially for his first official meet. Katelyn Simmons and Callie Woolstenhulme were the freshman girl racers, and both enjoyed this race loads more than the last meet at High Star Ranch. Sam Galati and Stuart Card represented South Summit as the Sophomore boy racers, and both finished in the top half of the race.

Jared Leary and Koven Card, the junior boys, along with Braxton Booth and Julio Campos, the senior boys, all raced in the largest race of the day with a whopping 434 others! Jillian Tillett, our only junior, and Maria Perona, our foreign exchange student from Italy and only senior girl competitor, were definitely not lonely on the course, competing in the second largest race of the day with 321 racers in all. After the meet, we topped our day off with a stop at In-N-Out Burger–a great end to a great day.


August 26, 2017 Grass Relays–Westlake High School Saratoga Springs

Article by Katelyn Simmons